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  • Now taking bookings for 2021.

    The ‘Mighty’ Skabucks are now taking prospective booking for 2021 and beyond. Please contact us either through the website, Gigstarter website or our Facebook page. Free, no nonsense quotations given. Go on, you won’t regret a single moment. Thank you.

  • Live Stream for Christmas.

    Great news everyone. We will be performing a live stream gig on Sunday December 20th at 7.30pm sharp. Christmas attire a must for all, please message us during the event to get a shout out. Go to our Facebook page and follow the instructions. See you there.

  • Book us on Gigstarter

    Click here to book us through Gigstarter.

  • Corona Virus.

    Hi everyone. Sadly, as is happening all over, we here at Skabucks are finding our future, listed gigs are being cancelled one by one. Stay tuned as to what is going on and we will of course keep you updated with things. We do have a few things in the mixing pot at the moment […]


    We here at Skabucks, are rapidly closing in on 5000 like on our Facebook page. If you can, please do like us and help us reach the momentous milestone which will in turn allow us to Skank for even more people out there in cyber land. Thank you each and everyone who has already liked […]

  • Gigs confirmed for 2020 and beyond.

    Hi all. The news from Skabucks is good, 2020 and beyond will see the Mighty skabucks continuing its charge around the country. Gigs of all types, at venues all over the country, have already been booked. Events have also been added to the diary for the year 2021! We are already working hard to add […]

  • SKABUCKS Merch & Stuff

    After racking our brains we've managed to come up with some very non-original ideas for SKABUCKS themed stuff. T-shirts in various sizes & proper hoodies ..... read more

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    HEY YOU……


    ……this is the heavy, heavy monster sound!!!!!  Tip-top, don’t stop, rip it up, rip snortin’ tear it down, all-time big-time, toe tapping, foot stomping, hand-clapping, pulse-racing, fist-pumping, high fiving, getting it on, getting down, finger-lickin’, ass-kickin’, ultra hi-test, hi-energy ‘, hi-voltage,  dancin’ skankin’ uptown top rankin’ groovin’, grindin’, turnin’ stormin’ sound of the most bodacious, badass mother-funkers delivering the top end of maximum Ska and Two-Tone.



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